Thursday, January 5, 2012

We Should Wake Up in an Uncomfortable Bed

I've long been of the opinion we've got it all wrong.

We should be born old, grow younger and more stupid, and die as babies, utterly helpless and totally happy.

Also, we should go to sleep in a warm, snuggly bed that is just perfectly molded to our bodies, and wake up in the morning in a cold, uncomfortable, pulled-tight bed that makes us get out of it in a hurry.

Wouldn't that make for an interesting life?

However, as we're stuck with the get-in-with-it-made-and-pulled-tight, get-out-when-it's-warm-and-snuggly beds for the foreseeable future, we have to find bedding that suits our budgets, tastes, and color schemes. All very well and good, but have you tried shopping for bedding lately?

Himself has given me permission to decorate. (I can't say REdecorate, because we've not really done any decorating since we've been together, just smooshed together whatever we had into a relatively acceptable format.) Now that  we're in one place for the next few years, I want to make this place "home", rather than "the house we live in". And so I want to decorate.

I've been creating look books and idea books for years, but I finally settled on a color scheme for the bedroom: blue and yellow. It's quite a popular scheme, I've discovered, but I don't care. I like it.

Over the past few days I've been browsing bedding options. There are a confusing array of options out there, and the  first part of "confusing" is what they call everything. What's the difference between a quilt and a  comforter, for example?

Houzz must have heard my silent plea for assistance and actually posted this lovely little look book for my edification. Such nice people!

Here's my "before" photo. Love da kitty! Don't hold your breath for the "after". I've only gotten as far as buying the curtains, I can't find a bedding set I like. :(

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