Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Starting the Year off with a Tux or Two

This post is old and long overdue, so why not use it for the first project of twenty-one-two!

Aaarrrghhhh! I slay me.

Ok, so a friend's husband and son have a birthday really close together. As the son was celebrating his first year, he didn't mind sharing his birthday party with dad. (They're not going to get away with that for many years, so may as well make the most of it now! LOL)

With no idea what they would like as gifts, and as they were having a celebratory BBQ, I had this crazy idea to make a Mapron (man apron) in the form of a tux for both dad and junior.

I seriously need to get my head read. I don't think it's screwed on straight!

Anyway, I went to the local thrift store and bought two mens shirts, one black-y sort of striped concoction and a white one. I used the black one for the mapron (front was front, back was backing) and the white collar for the collar of the mapron. The rest of the white shirt front became the tux bib.

Never, ever, EVER again! That was the fiddliest most awkwardest most finger-damaging project I think I've tried yet! I made several mistakes, the worst of which was my regular (you'd think I'd learn) forgetting to include seam allowances.

Furthermore, despite having a dream sewing machine that does everything except make coffee, I managed to mess up the seam lines trying to sew over multiple layers that were all uneven too. Another mistake was going by thumbsuck, rather than actually cutting a pattern.

I'd like to say I learned my lesson. I think I have:

Don't try this again!

Anyhoo, the recipients were suitably impressed and gave me a photo to show off. Methinks I did ok.

 Oh, and I didn't want buttons that could be pulled off and swallowed, so those were sewn too. Cute, hey?

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