Why No 4 Letter Words?

When I was young and considered myself slave labor I swore that I would do no 4 letter words. You know... cook, wash, iron...

You would have thought that would put off potential husbands, wouldn't you?

You thought wrong!

Not one but two decided it was worth giving it a go. They both discovered that I was immutable, a dastardly sin in a woman (considered "strength of character" in a man), and gave up. Both were of the chauvinistic persuasion that cleaning etc. was women's work.

However, husband #3 is of sturdier stuff and not opposed to rolling up his shirtsleeves and putting his hands in a soapy bowl of hot water. Wonderful man.

The odd thing, though, is that this understanding that I am NOT the slave woman, barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, has freed me up to find myself actually cooking and cleaning. O.O

Now, I'm definitely no domestic goddess, have no illusions or ambitions thereto, and am a protagonist of the "work smart not hard" brigade. So this blog is my exploration of how to get done the stuff I swore I would never do, and to find some satisfaction, and dare I say joy?, in the doing.

I'll be posting on my latest achievements, my failures, my terrific new ideas, my wacky inspirations that die quick, ignominious deaths, and my general commentary on the entire folly of housework and domestic skill.

Also, although I am brimming over with ambition and enthusiasm, I don't really have much else. No skills, no training, no experience. I've always been bewildered by those women who magically produce items of beauty and practical usefulness with an elastic band, half a dog's leash, and two yards of embroidery ribbon. However, I'm a great believer in the power of ignorance - if you don't know you can't, there's nothing stopping you! So I shall be throwing myself wholeheartedly into the creation of various... er... things... in the hopes that one day I'll produce something that somebody will eventually admire or envy.

Whether you hate housework as much as I and wish to discover some secrets that make it less of a chore; are interested in crafts and making stuff yourself; or are just plain amused by my folly and standing by to watch me make a total cake of myself in a public forum, enjoy!