I Want a Drawing Too

Are you taken with the cute drawings on this blog? I love them, and each one is specially drawn for each post by a talented, friendly, and fun artist who calls herself Maszrum (pronounced mushroom) (means mushroom too!)

Maszrum always liked to draw, but considered it more of a hobby than anything serious, until she discovered Adobe Photoshop. The myriad features available to a skilled user caught her interest, and then she started to experiment (one of the hallmarks of genius, you know!)

Shortly thereafter, she received a gift that would hit her “Top 10 Gifts of All Time” list – a drawing tablet. Apparently, you don’t swallow it and instantly become Van Gogh, or I’d buy a warehouse-full. It’s a computer gadget that allows you to translate your physical skills into digital media. Don’t you just love all the things you learn here? :)

And the rest, as they say, is history. Maszrum got lost in the incredible world of digital art, and after some time “doodling” as she calls it, (yeah, if I doodled like that I’d be selling it on Etsy in a cute frame), she went professional and has been doing “serious” drawings for about four years now. Her programs of choice are Adobe Photoshop and Xara 3D. And if you know what they are – you can comment on this page and tell me, okay?

She began accepting commissions, fortunately for me, and for a price everyone can have something drawn to their own requirements. Every commission is handled personally and individually, depending on their needs. With a background in anime/manga, she does digital drawings/paintings of characters (humans, anthro, fantasy and science fiction creatures) and simple designs.

She does not do realistic paintings or portraits, complicated landscape pieces, or complex designs, including coding.

Example prices can be found here: http://maszrum.deviantart.com/art/Commission-meme-201408624 and you can find her gallery at http://maszrum.deviantart.com

Contact her via email badmaszrum(at)gmail.com or via the notes system on her gallery page if you're a user there

In the interim, enjoy her interpretation of my wackiness on this blog!

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