Friday, April 3, 2015

Husbands Take Notes - This is How It's Done!

Well, it was my birthday yesterday and, although Google made me a Doodle and I got a bunch of text messages (some in the middle of the night from folks who forgot we have a global time difference!) and email wishes, I kinda felt a little lonely with Himself far away on the other side of the world. He did phone me first thing in the morning and tell me I'm as old as dirt today. Wonderful man! :)

However, he wuz jes' settin' me up!

When I got to work, the most gorgeous dozen roses were delivered. They smelled heavenly!
'Scuz the funky arrangement, I just wanted them in water in the office so that I could take them home easily. They're still wrapped in a bunch, and the tape on the vase is holding them upright. 

With a delicate gold and white topaz heart necklace. Beautiful!
But that was not all! He secretly contacted my boss, my BOSS, I kid you not, by email about three weeks ago and told her that he didn't want me to feel alone on my birthday, so would she help him set up a day for me? Of course, she did (great boss!) and at lunch time, a large box of cake and another of cookies was delivered to me in the office by my boss and the Operations Manager. 

When I phoned to thank him, he said it was all deliberately done in the office so that I could share cake with my peeps and have a little party. The cake was a huge gluten free carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, yum yum yum nom nom nom, as specially ordered by Superman, and it fed a LOT of people. I ended up having my party in three stages, as everyone couldn't fit in my office at once. And there was enough left over to bring back a slice each for the two elderly neighbor couples that I've befriended in the apartment complex, and still have another slice that I enjoyed for breakfast this morning. Decadent, I know!

The cookies (biscuits to the Queen Ann's English folks) are Gingersnaps, also ordered especially by Himself, as mah faborite cookehs eber!

And THAT, husbands, is how you give your wife the most amazing birthday!