Monday, January 2, 2012

100 Book Challenge Weeks 10 & 11

Book Review #19: Blood Bound – Mercy Thompson Book 2
Author: Patricia Briggs
Genre: Fantasy
Whilst continuing from the previous book, each book stands alone allowing one to join the party at any point. Briggs managed to introduce characters to new readers without boring existing readers with facts they already know. Quite a talent, that!

In this second book, Ms Briggs explores the vampire world as Mercy is drawn in to assist with a rogue vampire due to her unique skills and resistance to vampire magic. Things go, predictably, amiss and Mercy has to depend upon her wits and creativity as she works out how, why, who, and where are the bad guys.

It’s a bit like looking at a place or person you’ve known for ages and suddenly seeing them for the very first time. She introduces ideas and concepts that are alien and unusual in such a way that you accept them as reasonable and normal. It’s great fun!

Yes, I enjoyed this book very much.

However, while book one advised you of a love triangle, book two introduces a love… er.. rectangle? Quadrangle? No idea, anyway, there are four of them now. Poor Mercy!

Wonder how many there’ll be by the end of the next book? LOL

Book Review #20: Iron Kissed – Mercy Thompson Book 3
Author: Patricia Briggs
Genre: Fantasy

Book 1 – werewolves. Book 2 – vampires. Book 3 – the Fae. Each book is an interesting exploration of new peoples, whilst still keeping you abreast of everyone else you’ve already met.

Mercy has a talent for getting herself into trouble, quite without meaning to, of course. It may have something to do with her automatic reaction of doing exactly what she’s told not to do, her stubbornness, and her loyalty to her friends. Whatever the cause, most of the characters in the book spend a lot of time dumbfounded by how much trouble she gets into, and the fact she survives. I love it!

This is such a fun series. I’m going to be rather disappointed when I run out of books.

Book Review #21: Bone Crossed – Mercy Thompson Book 4
Author: Patricia Briggs
Genre: Fantasy

Book 4 and we’re back to vampires. I was very interested to see what the “theme” of the next book would be, as I figured we’d covered all the major types of preternatural beings in this book.

Mercy learns new truths about her abilities in this novel as she battles the grand-daddy of nasty vampires. It was a very tightly written book and, although it’s over 400 pages long, it felt half that. The story whisks you along so fast, you risk getting whiplash if you look back. It’s a terrifying, exciting ride!

There was a point in the beginning where I worried that Mercy would become foolish and ridiculous, a la Bella in the Twilight series, but should not have been concerned. She is one feisty, independent fighter and her guts, perseverance and persistence resonate with me. I truly enjoy her honesty and development as a character.

Great book, Ms Briggs. You get better every book.

Book Review #22: Silver Borne – Mercy Thompson Book 5
Author: Patricia Briggs
Genre: Fantasy
Wow! Just wow.

Each of these books gets better and better. This time the book dealt with both fae and werewolves, weaving the truths of species into the thread of the story and then spinning it tighter and tighter until you can’t breathe until the end of the book.


Mercy Thompson is feisty, intelligent, loyal, stubborn, and lucky. She has a fantastic team behind her on whom she depends in times of trouble, and her believe in them lends her confidence in everything she does.

A great role model.

Well, except for her tendency to get into trouble, of course. J

Book Review #23: River Marked – Mercy Thompson Book 6
Author: Patricia Briggs
Genre: Fantasy
This is the last book in the series that I have, and it is definitely worth the wait. Here we learn about Mercy’s heritage, and she gets a few of her questions answered regarding her past. Her relationships are smoothed out, her position with the wolves is finalized, and her life seems to be in order.

Does this make it a boring read?

Not on your life!

This is a finale of note! Mercy’s ability to attract trouble takes her to whole new heights. And lows. And she is tested to the limits of her courage.

An excellent book, a terrific series. Book 6 is, to me, a fantastic end to the story and I’ve enjoyed every minute of the ride. Better than Six Flags, by far!

I’ve heard a book seven is in progress. I’m not sure I want to read it. Book six tied up all the knots so neatly; I’m loathe to start a new ball of yarn.

Well, not all the knots. I mean, is she going to sort out Marsilia or not? And do Gabriel and Jesse get together without being eaten by the Alpha? Hmm... well, guess I have to wait until it’s published. Not much I can do before then anyway, right? Wink

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