Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dive Tunic

C'est moi - in the Pink Concoction
This is my first, and last, experience with rayon. It's slippery which makes sewing interesting, but it doesn't breathe at all. I wear this over my wet cozzie after diving, and after a 30 minute ride back to shore, my cozzie is still soaking wet. Great when you're cold, to keep the wind out, but not marvelous in the hot and humid conditions we experience here.

Don'tcha love the sultry look?
Still, the benefits it offers - quick to dry and doesn't wrinkle - makes it an ideal tunic to wear over my swimsuit on dive days. Which is why it ended up as one.

Ok, so this was another one of my pattern making disasters, I wanted a loose pullover tunic and ended up with a sack. Eventually I sewed two lines down either side about a hands-breadth in from the edges of the tunic, leaving the edges open. I call them my "butterfly wings". But it's still a sack.

The pics were the best I could create, my camera was not in a happy "let's please" mood, it kept falling over and the lighting sucks. Which translates, of course, to "the photographer is useless" But you didn't log on for the photography, didja?

And, worse luck, the figure inside the sack needs work too. But as you're not reading this because you're into my figure, please enjoy the pics of the sack. :D

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