Monday, August 31, 2015

Kitchen Photos.

Time for the kitchen, which is almost finished. I've got to clean a couple more cupboards, but as they're not currently in use, I'm focusing on more urgent matters. 

Here's the realtor photo of the kitchen on the listing. 

Not much has changed at this point. Obviously I've added my stuff, as the seller has removed his. 

I am rather proud of my beautifully organized cupboards. The one in the middle, above the stove, had no shelves at all (a common issue in this house) so I used shelf extenders purchased at Walmart. They're very effective!

Now, everyone has their own particular way of arranging a kitchen. Mine is done by zones, with everything I need for a specific activity in that zone. In the photo above you can see all my condiments and spices in the shelf to the left of the stove. That shelf also holds my spreads and items that I would use in the griller, the toaster, or the blender.

The shelves on the right have been rearranged since I took this photo and now hold all my baking goodies for easy access and use. Not that I'm currently using them, as the oven still needs my attention. I have a griller, a crockpot, and a microwave. Oven is much lower on the priority list. Like oh-my-gosh-it's-Thanksgiving-what-about-the-oven? lower. 

The kettle and coffee makers are all on the other side with mugs and ingredients at hand in the shelves immediately above and to the right.

My delight, though, is the window. When the curtains are open I get a view out over the back garden, not particularly exciting, but a nice enough view nonetheless. When the curtains are closed, well, I get roosters parading! Love it! A gift from a lovely neighbor. 

You may have noticed I also have a rooster clock and a rooster on my utensil holder. No, I don't collect roosters or chickens or any other fowl. It just worked out that way. No, I don't want a bunch of cute poultry items. Thanks for thinking of me. Put it back, walk away.... You're so sweet!

I collect winning lottery tickets. You're welcome to send me any of those you happen to find!

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