Friday, August 14, 2015

No sliding chain lock on MY door! ... or... Episode 2: 'Wicked' Strikes Again! (For Star Wars fans.)

Do you have one of those sliding door chains on your door? 

Have you seen this?

Uh huh. Well, you're too smart to have a door with a handle! 

Um... yeah. 

Remember my Wicked Locksmith from yesterday? Well, Wicked is far too sneaky for any old burglar. He made the sliding door chain sooooo pass√© by introducing me to a whole new chicken. 

Behold! The door guard!

Ok, it's the box that the door guard came in, to be sure, but I liked the little door guard guy. And you get to see the box! If you were a cat, you'd appreciate that. You're not a cat. Yeah, yeah, okay! I'll try again.

Behold! The door guard!

Sneaky little thing, isn't it? It's a solid steel bolt that is fitted into the floor behind the door and lurks quietly and unobtrusively. A teeny nudge with your foot sends the bolt hurtling out of its hole like Jeff out of the sewers in MIB2 and the door is effectively barred. 

Fancy color change so I can show off my photo editing skillz.
Or perhaps I'm trying to hide my pitiful door?
Coming through the door would then require you to actually break your way in, which could be construed as malicious intent

 allowing me to bust a cap in yo ass. This is Texas, after all!

Should the person on the other side actually be welcome to enter, a gentle step on the bolt slides it silently back into lurk mode, allowing your visitor ingress and you peace of mind. 

I LOVE this thing!

Addendum: while stepping on the bolt with bare feet to drop it is quite fine, activating it with naked toes is not recommended. Do NOT ask me how I found that out: I shall hiss at you!

Post Script: Wicked's real name is Justin Fuller of Alamo Safe and Lock, San Antonio. I got a couple of requests for his contact info yesterday. 

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