Sunday, August 16, 2015

My First Cooked Dinner!

While I'm totally confused by folks who post a picture of their meal every day, unless they're a chef, or it's something freaking amazing (or freaking crazy!), I thought today was enough of an occasion for me to post a picture of MY dinner. 

My first cooked meal in this house!

I've been living on cereal, toast, and frozen fruit smoothies the past few weeks, and at one point reckoned that I desperately needed something green that wasn't cheese! But now the kitchen has been cleaned and sorted enough that I felt comfortable with cooking. 

Now, I remember The Bratness once, when she was little, looking at the plate of dinner I'd set before her. I'd worked with what I'd had in the cupboard (Mother Hubbard's cupboard was a little understocked at the time) and I'd made chicken, mashed potatoes, and cauliflower with a cheesy white sauce. After considering the plate, she looked up at me and asked "where's the color?"

I'm not sure she'd approve of this plate as it's mostly monochrome too (at least it's not all white, Bratness!) and dietitians would not approve as it doesn't have enough variety, but it's a home cooked meal in my new home! I made it special by setting a place mat and bringing out a bottle of wine, that will probably last me a week to ten days. If I could find my ice trays, I'd freeze it into little ice cubes, Martha Stewart style! But then I'd have to cook stuff that needs wine, and dunno if I'm gonna go there! LOL

Don't you love my corkscrew? It was part of my welcome package from my new neighbors!

Oh lord! I've just joined the ranks of folks who post pictures of their dinners! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

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