Monday, August 12, 2013

Salad Daze

My sister makes the coolest salads. I'm talking umh-umh-umh delish, give-up-your-cheeseburger-and-fries-forever good. Well, maybe not forever.,, but definitely your future go-to fav!

Unfortunately, my sister doesn't live in even the same hemisphere as me, so I don't get my salads made for me any more. Note: my version of "rich" is never having to cook for myself again. You can have your Porsches and Prada, I just want a chef!

So, I emailed sis and asked for the "recipe". Is it just me who thinks it's kinda odd asking for a recipe for salad? Just feels, you know, weird!

While the idea was brilliant, the action was a dud. Turns out 2/3 of the items in the ingredients list are either not available, or way, way overpriced in the supermarkets locally. I ended up with the concoction you see here. It was okay, edible even. Just not the salad my sister knows how to make. sob...

However, for those of you lucky puppies who live in the land of instant gratification, I have copied the recipe for you below. Try it. And don't blame me if you give up junk food. I warned you!

Hey Sis,

You'll need lots of patience for chopping things, but I find that therapeutic. LOL

I put the following in my salads:-
Mixed salad leaves torn up into bite size
Cherry tomatoes sliced in half
Cucumber cut into quarters (slice in half down middle, then half again & chop)
Baby corn sliced
Celery sliced
Olives halved
Avocado pear cut up into cubes
Black or red seedless grapes halved
Feta cheese cubed or crumbled
Carrots can either be sliced or grated

Then I squeeze a fresh lime (remove pips before squeezing) over the top with virgin olive oil & toss :)

Season with salt & black pepper

Portion is dependent on how much you are making for, so for two ppl I do 2 stick celery, 1 large carrot, handful grapes, large handful tomatoes, 5 baby corn, handful olives, small avo, 1/3 cucumber & 1 block feta & however much salad leaves. :)

Hope you enjoy!

What are your fav salad ingredients?

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