Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Let them eat (gluten-free) cake - but not too much.

Nothing quite as delicious and delightful as a chocolate frosted chocolate cake, right? What about the five-minutes-on-the-lips-a-lifetime-on-the-hips concern?

Himself has the perfect answer. If you don't have it, you won't eat it. Yeah, but, seriously? Never eat cake?

Even when it's a gluten free chocolate cake? This gluten free chocolate cake?

 The not quite as extreme solution is to have less cake around, then you will still eat cake, but not have quite as much.

Ta dah! The gluten free chocolate ca! Geddit? Half a cake so it's a ca? Geddit? Huh? Oh, never mind...

No, cynic, I didn't eat half the cake just to prove my point.

GF cake mixes, like this Betty Crocker GF Chocolate cake mix, don't make as much cake as normal flour mixes. If you want a standard two-layer chocolate cake with frosting and a creamy center, you actually have to bake two mixes. Which means you have to mix two mixes. Twice the work, twice the mess. Seeing as I'm not a fan of cooking in the first place, tying myself in for double trouble is not my version of yum. I'm likely to just give up the entire idea and go buy some.

Besides, as mentioned, we're trying to eat LESS. Buying a whole cake counts as more, the last time I checked!

Enter Toni's Sneaky Method of Eating Glorious Two-layer Cake with Only Half the Trouble.

Bake one mix of gluten free chocolate cake in a standard cake tin. Allow to cool and tip out onto a plate.

Cut the cake in half.

Slather one half with creamy center filling.

Flip the second half on top of the center, matching two halves.

Frost the outside.

Cut into slices and serve before anyone notices that you're missing half a cake and thinks you're a greedy wench!


P.S. Himself has just noticed this post and is slavering.
Memo to me: post my food entries at midnight locked in the bathroom!

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  1. I tried making gluten-free bread once, in the breadmaker...it was inedible :( Didn't know Betty Crocker did g-f, do you feel better on a g-f diet?


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