Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I'd have been an Italian Renaissance Beauty

On Sunday I stumbled across a new blog and read an interesting article on Raphael's painting of the Three Graces.

Suddenly, as I read through the blog post and got to the reference of "soft bodies", I realized that I have similar figures to these ladies. If I lived during Raphael's time, I'd not be feeling uncomfortable about my figure, unhappy about my thighs or my "jelly belly" - I'd be a Beauty!

My tummy is a little more rounded than the Graces', but otherwise I'm pretty close. I have the same rounded curves, voluptuous rear, and shapely curves.

For the longest time I've felt fat and fairly unattractive. I've not enjoyed the loss of self esteem that has come with that feeling. Perhaps the idea that a few hundred years ago I may have been desirous will help me feel better today.

At least until I go outside again. :(

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