Thursday, August 15, 2013


I love strawberries, but we seldom get this juicy red fruit. And on the occasions we do we have to snap them up and gobble them up. Unfortunately they go off really quickly, so same day or next day munchies is required if you don't want to throw half the batch away because they've gone off. Of course, being so rare, they normally ARE gobbled up real quick! :)

However, it's not just the rarity of these sweet, seeded treats that means we get to enjoy them less often. It's the exorbitant price!

For this small plate of only 15 strawberries, we paid K17. That's about $8.50 - more than 50c each!

 Just to give you some perspective, the container is about 3.5inches square.

Please note - these are IN season berries. O.O!

How much are strawberries where you live?

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