Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Nail Varnish - more than just for nails

I got this crappy old book stand, rusty and bent. After cleaning the dirt and rust and straightening the bent bits, I used it for a while. But the pins were still not smooth and neat and the papers kept getting stuck on it. So I had to come up with an idea of how to change that. After inspecting it for a while, I decided I needed to paint them, but I didn't have any paint. Rummage a while and... ta da! Nail varnish! Not just for nails, right? :)

Although the nail varnish is relatively thick, I still had to do multiple coats to cover the metal properly.

I started by removing all the pins and painting as much as I could, in small sections, layer by layer, then put it back into the stand to do the last bits. A bit awkward and fiddly, but it worked well.

Unfortunately, it turned into a long process and I got bored. Boredom and me, we don't place nice. Nail varnish is not particularly bothered by my personal ennui - it dries anyway. Fast! So I could not stop mid-project. Huh. Well... distraction is... yellow?

When I finally got over the distraction phase, I managed to get the rest of the pins painted. A collection of nail varnish turned into a nice rainbow of painted pins, and it was fun, even if it took a whole lot longer than I anticipated.

Doesn't it look good?

Yeah, one of my better ideas I think.


 I'm really happy with this.

It looks even better when it's filled with my recipe books.

Oh, and the distraction...?

Yeah, it got kinda expanded.

Himself was horrified. "You're going out like that?" Erm... yes? And I did! Got me a LOT of attention. Not all bad. :D

Would you wear crazy nails in public?

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