Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Porch Revamp


While the apartments are lovely, the porches are pitiful. Cold, hard concrete. Dull, boring, almost ugly. And check out the poop stains that even oxy and wire brushes will not scrub out!

Now, I have posted previously about my painted rug, but I've held off on posting an update of the porch as I'd not yet found a picture for the wall and it looked odd and empty. However, I found this glorious painting at a thrift store and hauled it home. So now, the big reveal!

Huge improvement, right? It is so welcoming and pretty now, I'm sitting out there enjoying it even in the cold. I had my breakfast out there this morning! The cats think I'm nuts, but it's so happy on our little porch that I just can't resist. Ok, I admit that my sojourns are fairly brief; there's only sooo much cold one can handle, but they're delightful little visits.

 And aren't these chairs just darling? They're very heavy, solid iron with wooden saddle seats, which makes them very comfy to sit on. With my cute little sunflower table keeping them company.

Here's a close up of the painting. While it's perfect for Thanksgiving, I don't feel like it's a seasonal painting, so it's staying up there even after the holidays.

Here's the side view. No more bird poop to assault the senses, just pretty and comfy and fun! The flower display was a gift from Mom G. She found it in a thrift store. The little hexagonal table was given to me for free. It looks okay in these photos, but it is in need of a revamp and I have quite an ambitious idea for it!

Total cost for the overhaul:
Rug: $30 (canvas drop cloth plus paint)
Chairs: $90 for two
Side table: free
Sunflower table: $6
Flowers and vase: gift
Painting: $20
Garland: $2
Total spent: $148


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