Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cookies in the Grill

 So, I made myself a big pot of beef curry - when I was already hungry. -.-" With at minimum one hour to wait for it to be edible, I wondered what I could do for a quick snack. Hey... cookies!

Yeah, I know, not very healthy, blah blah, but I was ravenous, and I had a batch of ready-mixed GF cookies in the freezer. Now, turning on the oven and waiting 10 minutes for it to heat up then waiting 20 more minutes for the cookies to bake wasn't appealing either...

Then I noticed the grill, just sitting there...

Faster than you could say "Eat your heart out, George Foreman!" I whipped out the pancake butter spray, tossed in some pre-made batter balls, plopped down the lid - and prayed!

10 minutes later...


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