Friday, November 28, 2014

A Wheelchair is a Lousy Goal!

I dreamed I was helping a man in a wheelchair go to the bathroom (yes, I have weird dreams!) 

When I got him to the bathroom and had prepared everything for him, he got up and walked in to do his ablutions. As I watched him walk, I realised he was deformed because he was in the wheelchair, not in the wheelchair because he was deformed. 

When I woke, I thought about the dream and wondered if my subconcious is trying to tell me I'm crippling myself somehow. That got me thinking how often we choose to put ourselves in a "wheelchair". Each time we're too lazy to make a healthy meal, or do some exercise, or work on our self-improvement, we're choosing to step into a wheelchair and become helpless. Then we watch others who can run and play, envious of their freedom. 

A wheelchair is a lousy goal. I'm going to put a picture of a wheelchair on my fridge to keep me motivated to stay out of one!

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