Friday, November 14, 2014

Computer desk and hutch

My sewing machine arrived! Woo-hoo! It went from the container straight into my car and then directly to Grome's for a much-needed service! While it was there, it occurred to me that I had nowhere to sew! Well, I considered a folding table, but Himself thought it was ugly and found me a gorgeous sewing table on Amazon. Nearly $200 with shipping. He's a wonderful man, so thoughtful, but I'm not about to drop two Benjamins on a desk!


So off I trotted to the Humane Society Thrift Store. I figured I'd find myself a desk that I could use for sewing instead. It wouldn't have all the cubby holes and such that the real sewing table did, but it would be cheaper. Well, it would have worked out great, if they'd had any desks, but nary a one to be found. They did, however, have an old computer desk and hutch going dirt cheap. I mean, seriously dirt cheap. $37.50 cheap!

I forgot to get a before photo, but that will give you an idea. The problem is that the hutch is in the way of the sewing, but I liked the idea of using the desk, especially as it had the holes in the top for computer cables. Works great for sewing machine cables too! So I decided to take the hutch off and use the desk on its own as a sewing table.  But what to do with the hutch? It was lopsided off the desk, and incredibly heavy! So a trip to Home Depot and $52 later, I had a base and six castor wheels - the special no-mark kind that can roll over hardwood floors and carpets without damaging either. 

Ain't she pretty? The top slides up into the crevice to provide a storage area, and the bottom is open for use for stacking or stocking. I can add shelves later, if I choose. The base is MDF that I brushed over a quick coat of paint (remember the background of my rug? Yup, that paint. Freeeeee!)

With the lid closed, for your viewing pleasure. Please note that the only cable under the desk is the foot pedal. The power cables are all fed through the clever little holes in the desk out the back to the wall power sockets. Brilliant!

So now I have a gorgeous sewing desk and matching accessory unit for less than half the fancy sewing table. I think I'm so smart! LOL

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