Tuesday, September 3, 2013

When Upcycles Fail.. and the FAIL Fails...

It's one thing to have an UFO haunting you and taunting you until you finally finish it and discover you have a FAIL on your hands. It's quite something else to photograph the FAIL and have it turn out looking good! I mean... seriously?

This thing makes me look like an ironing board in a hospital gown. But do I manage to get that look? No, of course not. The photos look great. Even my FAIL UFOs are conspiring to drive me crazy.

Although I do sort of manage the ironing board look here, if you aren't distracted by the hair swish...(clever trick that, must keep it in mind. "Here," swish "is my latest creation. Don't I look" swish "gorgeous?")

To add insult to injury, this photo shoot was a swipe-on-a-dash-of-lipstick-and-get-it-over-with two minute special because Himself was huffy at having his morning routine disturbed. Usually I have to work HOURS to look photo-ready.

 Hmmmm... at least my butt doesn't look too big in this. I'm usually an ironing board with an s-bend; tummy and butt.

Even Himself taking wonky photos guaranteed to annoy me (I HATE wonky photos) doesn't manage to make the dress look awful.

Oh, you know what?

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