Sunday, September 29, 2013

1950s Ruffled Apron

And here she is - my TMS September Vintage Challenge. I felt quite the kitchen goddes wearing this.

Three tiers of ruffles, in yellow and black polka-dotted glory. Each ruffle is edged with black bias binding. And then I edged the ties as well, just to give it a great finish.

Darn thing is seriously poofy, it was obviously designed to go over one of those enormous 7-yard skirts that were all the post-war rage - I'd like to try to make one of them one day.

The ties were supposed to be in a contrast color, but I liked the idea of keeping it all together, so I had to manipulate the cutting layout a little to make it all  work. There was not enough fabric to cut out the wasitband and the ties on the advised grainlines so, giving it a little thought, I decided that the waistline cut on a slight bias would be just fine and adjusted accordingly so that I could fit it all onto the fabric.

Back ties done and edged with bias binding? Check!

Careful, dear, your novice-ness is showing! :)

Fortunately, as the waistband folds over and is stitched down, the distortion disappeared into the design. Phew! Close call! And another lesson learned. Of course, the original pattern didn't have bias edging on the ties either, so I really lived on the edge with this one.

My most complicated pattern yet and, if I may say so myself, a great success. Totally impractical but wonderful fun!

And, as you can tell, closely checked by my furry Quality Control Inspector. close-up inspection. 

Thanks to Mom G for the pattern and the materials. She gifted them to me a year or so ago. Hope you like, Mom! :)

P.S. Sorry about the pics. I think my camera is giving up on me. 


  1. hi , this is super , and it matches your outfit perfectly !
    love the colour combo and the spots... I would be tempted to go out dressed like this... I am definitely an apron girl !
    : )

  2. Very cute apron! I especially like the fabric selection and the three tiers. Looks so flirty!

  3. Oh that is seriously cute and just a little bit saucy too!


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