Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Vintage pattern choice for TMS

The new TMS Challenge for September is "Vintage" - what, exactly, that means is left entirely up to individual interpretation (why I love this group!)

I spent quite some time browsing all my options. First, I started online and found this gorgeous V&A 1950s Day Dress reproduction - with a free downloadable PDF pattern. Yummly. Only.. not in my size and I'm not sure how well I'll handle the alterations with my novice skills and within the time restraints.

A collection of other offers did not really take my fancy, so I reverted to my go-to option -- Burdastyle. They have this delightful Retro Blouse which was introduced back in the 1950s. Pretty spunky, no?

As I pretty much live in jeans, the new mod version works for me better than a dress. I even have the fabric for it. Bonus!

However, after thinking about it for a while, I realized that I may be overestimating my skills again. It hass dawned on me (slowly, it's true) that if I match my aspirations to my skills, the item will be more likely to be successful, completed on time, and something wearable. So, sadly, I changed my mind about the Retro top and went rummaging through my patterns. Holey moley, look what I found!

I actually OWN a retro pattern. Me. While I love the look of this dress, it's cute, I can't wear it. Since my neck operation, I've battled to wear anything around my throat; necklaces, crew-neck tees, or halternecks. I'd have to modify again. Next?

Hmm... this may have some potential. Not too dated, kinda preppy. Sheath dress style... no-o-o... no, don't think so. My curves aren't in the right places at the moment and I don't know if I can carry this off.

But digging around in my library I found a book I had forgotten I have.

This book discusses the history of sewing, beginning in the 1800s and moving right up to the end of the century. Each decade (or so) is discussed with a few modern interpretations at the end of the chapter. And in the section for the 1950s...

"Quintessential" - did you see that? I would have thought a huge, poofy skirt was the go-to item of the 1950s, but nope. An apron is quintessential.

Gotta have me one of those, ja?

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