Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cat Snug Box

All You magazine had an article on creating this cat snug box. It's pretty simple: draw a box shape on 4 sides of a cardboard box, 3 inches in from the edge. Cut out all 4 sides. Tape the box closed securely. Pierce a hole in both sides of each "leg", cut fleece 4 inches wider than the box, slit each corner slightly and push the slit ends through the piercings. Tie off, and voila!

I used one of our book moving boxes after it was emptied. Now, while it did work exactly as described, and I carefully measured the 3" outline for the cutout, I didn't actually measure the fleece so carefully, so the 'droop' was a little pronounced. Not wanting to untie each corner and do it again, I merely stuffed one of the cat beds underneath the droop. Instant fix. And instantly approved of, as you can see!

It has resulted in a somewhat unexpected outcome. One snug box. Two cats. For some reason, Trix has decided it is "his" snug box and he gets seriously miffed when he sees Goldilocks in his bed!

The snug box has been moved under the window next to the cat condo, and they absolutely love it and its proximity to the Cat TV (which operates when the blinds are up, especially well in the mornings when the birds are out.) Very happy cats. Except when the usurper has taken occupancy. 

Have you ever seen a cat sulk? 

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