Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Master Bathroom Completed.

The master bathroom is pretty much complete. Originally I wanted to do double curtains across the shower, but decided that it's far too much of a hassle/cost for a rented apartment, especially as I will probably do stuff very differently when we finally move into our own place. The colors stay in the blue, white, and yellow scheme of the master bedroom (still to be revealed, as it's not finished yet.)

Himself found the over-the-commode storage unit and I use it to keep my watches, bracelets, and box-stored jewelry. Hanging on the side is a zippered unit in which I have a selection of necklaces, each in its own little plastic pocket. I don't wear necklaces often so I don't need many, but I change my watches and bracelets to match my outfits daily. I have quite a range of colors and styles!

As you can see from the very top photo, there is an odd L-shape counter with the two sinks at each end of the L. I tend to use only one sink, so all my stuff is corralled at that end. Note the impressive earring collection. Yeah, earrings are my Kryptonite. J

I'm especially proud of my corral - a metal tray picked up at the thrift store for a dollar. It fits the blue scheme and holds all my essentials neatly and prettily. 

And lastly, there are two power outlets in this bathroom, one close to each sink. They are cleverly done in mirrored finish, so they are unobtrusive - well, as much as two great power outlets can be. However, they obtrude to me, especially as they look surprised and displeased. I don't need any negative feedback when I'm naked, thank you very much!

One of the outlets is hidden behind the lower, standing earring stand, but the other is way out in the open. So when I found this lovely little item at the Dollar Store, I grabbed it. It's just the right height, as you can see, to cover the outlets. When I want to use a power device, I simply move it to the side. It does not fit the color scheme, but I've not yet worked out if I want to paint it, gilt it, or just move it to another room one day when we have our own home. In the interim, I love the advice. 

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