Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween Costumes: Ideas for Women in Regular and Plus Sizes

When I found out the theme for the Monthly Stitch was "Frocktober" I seriously considered making it Frightful Frocktober and sewing my Halloween costume.

I've not entirely given up the idea, but that's another story.

Anyway, having completed hours of looking at Halloween dresses and finding corresponding patterns, I thought I'd share them with you, rather than waste all that work. If you would like some inspiration, please feel free to browse.

BurdaStyle is my go-to online pattern company. I like that I can purchase a pattern and be working on the item within minutes, rather than waiting weeks for it to arrive, so I always use them as my first option when searching for a sewing pattern. You'll need an account to purchase their downloadable patterns, but the prices are very good (Only $5.40 for top of the line.)

I've looked at the style lines of the patterns to find closest fit, so you may need to imagine the product in the right color and with an extra bit of trim. I've also found both the regular size and plus size, for your convenience. For accessories, though, you're on your own!

It will be a no fuss Halloween costume year for you. Just select your pattern, purchase, print, and produce.

As I'd totally fill this page if I were to post all of the BurdaStyle dresses here, I've posted the inspiration dresses here and the links to the BS version.

1920s Flapper

1920s flapper - and in plus size For the plus size, add 3 rows of fringe to the skirt. And make it in red. ;)

1970s Gogo Girl
1970s Go Go Girl - or but the plus size is not a good fit. Did my best, though

1950s Housewife

1950s Housewife – not easy to find an equivalent on this site, but this is close and plus size is not brilliant but the best I could find

1960s Hippie
1960s Hippie - and in plus size

Annie Oakley
Annie Oakley - and and in plus size

Cavewoman -  and in plus size

Saloon Gal
Saloon Gal – how’s this for amazing? I can find dresses that would suit plus size, but I couldn’t find regular sizes. Hope you goddesses enjoy the joke here! J or


That's enough for this post. Check back again tomorrow for some more options.

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