Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Crocktober: Doro Wat

It's October! The month of name-deviations, it seems. On TMS we are working with "Frocktober" and I learned that cooks refer to it as "Crocktober".

By virtue of my participation in TMS, I am making a frock. Reluctantly. However, joining in Crocktober is quite fun. :)

As Himself does not like a cooked meal every day (I know, aren't I lucky?) I'm not going to do a crock pot meal every day. I decided instead to make one main course, one side or "other", and one dessert a week in honor of Crocktober. Seems like a good call, right?

And, even more amazing, I kicked off Crocktober on October 1 with a main meal. Yeah! Great start!

View, if you please, my yummy dinner from last night. It's an Ethiopian dish called Doro Wat and it is supposed to be served with a boiled egg plump in the middle. I think it's to rescue your mouth from the fire.

Proof that it's a crock pot meal. ;)
Seriously, this stuff is burn-me-bite-me (as my mom says.) I chickened out of the Ethiopian TABLESPOON of cayenne pepper and only used a teaspoon, but sheesh! Hot hot hot! Even Himself got very big eyes. Heheheheh

Please stroll over to A Year of Slow Cooker Recipes for the recipe.

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