Saturday, February 24, 2018

Spread a Little Sunshine on Your Eggs

And your toast. 

And your sausage, and your bacon, and your steak, and your baked potato, and your cheese, and your broccoli, and your banana .... hmmmm.... I think the only thing I HAVEN'T put this on would be my morning oatmeal!

"This" would be Himself's Hot Pepper Jam, made with a selection of hot peppers grown in his garden, and using an old African recipe because I totally don't understand this modern pectin stuff and that batch was a complete fail. All of these others are organic, preservative free, homegrown goodness!

By careful selection of the hot peppers and bell peppers, Himself managed to come up with a veritable rainbow of jams. 

Ranging from rich reds, cheeky corals, and vibrant oranges, 

through to dusky browns and military green. We haven't managed an emerald green yet, but I'm sure we'll work on that with the harvest this year.

He even managed some chunky multi-colored varieties. 

I made the first batch and it came out like jam; sweet, but with a hint of spice. Then Himself took over and has been producing increasingly nuanced flavors, all the way up to the ones that make my eyes water while he's cooking them! 

We've started looking at the different varietals at the nursery, with an eye to jam production in the coming fall. In the interim, though, I've got a date with something yummy! Nom nom nom

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