Saturday, March 18, 2017

Deck Herb Garden

Himself has created gorgeousness once again!

There were some serious winds blowing on the coast a couple weeks back and MIL's gate was blown off its hinges. Entirely! Himself went down to do the repairs and ended up building a new gate. He brought the old planks home with him and, without telling me about it, set to creating this little slice of heaven. 

Apparently, he saw something along these lines in a magazine or online somewhere, thought it was great, and created his own version. It's huge! Five feet across, and planted up against the side panel of the deck directly across from the kitchen window. Reason? So that I'd remember to water them, according to His Royal Sarcastic-ness. Well... he does have a point... My plants either drown or dehydrate....

There's even a little ledge for the tools and watering pot and ... er... things.

In the corner I have a pot of cherry tomatoes. Wif 'matoes already!

On the top row left I have spearmint, oregano, and one kind of thyme. No, I don't know what kind. Sorry. No label on the pot.

Top row right is parsley and two types of basil.

Bottom row right are strawberries. Homemade jam for sure this year! My bread maker can do it, according to the manual.

Bottom row left is a different type of thyme, and a big bare patch with onion and chive seeds. They'll fill the patch soon, as our weather is making everything thrive at the moment!

And to round it all out, he repotted my Aloe Vera and plunked it alongside too. 

Isn't he just marvelous? My only remaining question is how is he going to keep the deer off the deck once they discover this Deer Candyland? 😉

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  1. Looks great! Well done Himself and Toni . . . don't forget to water the whole lot :)


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