Thursday, March 23, 2017

Cluckingham Palace - Part 2

Part 1 covered the major build of our feathered family's new home. Now, here are the final builds, finishing touches, and introduction of the new occupants. 

11. Hardware cloth was added to all the run, stretching from the roof trusses, and curved to create a secure line... (we were stacking all the building wood inside the run to keep it dry, as we hit a patch of major rain for a few days.)

All the way down to a foot below the pen, digging beneath the line of the run and curving the cloth a foot outward. The cloth was then topped with big rocks and then concrete poured over it. One of our Quality Control team watched over the job to ensure it was up to spec.

And then the whole lot was covered over with earth and packed. Jock took quite a liking to the run, snoozing in there most days. We figure his Quality Control report was all good. 

12. Guttering was added to the back to catch and direct the rain run off, and a large rock placed under the spout to prevent soil erosion. The plan is to add a rain barrel for rainwater catchment in the future. The windows and door hatch were painted. 

13. Himself built a hinged roost that I can lift for cleaning, and we covered the floor in a deep bed of shavings.

14. The Door Hatch build was finalized and tested for smooth opening and closing, and an old wooden ladder we found in the barn was converted into a ramp.

15. We put together a bit of a playgound in the run. The feeder was hung from the rafter and a feed tray was placed to one side. Perches and logs formed climbing, sitting and resting areas. We added grass clippings for scratching and digging around in. 

16. Himself built a window box, and planted flowers. The final member of the Quality Control team did an inspection. 

17. Food storage

18. Neighbors donated decorative items. We couldn't believe it, but we loved the joke and they all went up. A gate flag.

A wreath.

Some chicken pans. Himself added the mirror from the old cabin medicine cabinet.  Getting the idea now why I've nicknamed the place Cluckingham Palace? 😉

Finally... we added some chickens!

Part of the playground included a swing. You can see it in this photo. 

The nesting boxes were ready for the ladies, even though it would be a month or two before we got to see any eggs. 

This photo includes our very beautiful rooster. 

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