Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Masterpiece #1

While in Winchester, VA, I popped into a little shop where they do ceramic painting and such. Not wanting to wait three weeks for my ceramic to be fired (nor pay the postage, to be honest), I opted to do an acrylic painting instead. It would be done in the day and I took it home immediately.

Voila, my masterpiece!

Unfortunately, this photo is the only record I have, taken with my phone on the airport shuttle bus.

Yup, less than 36 hours after making it, I forgot it on the bus!

Is this not public humiliation, you ask? Well, yes, I guess it would be... if I weren't such a scatter brain that this is not an unusual experience. I generally have to almost tie my belongings to myself in order not to forget them. However, the purpose of this post is neither to humiliate myself, nor to brag.


Watch this space!

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