Monday, October 13, 2014

Luxury Living

You know what they say about finding stuff on the internet, right? Well, here is proof that "they" are not always right. We found this "luxury apartment" online and it has turned out to be luxury indeed. They're beautiful apartments and the folks here are wonderful.

There are six buildings in this apartment complex, our building is only two stories, with a mirror-image upstairs and downstairs apartment; one on each corner and two in the middle. The gently winding pathways to each door are set between lush grass and manicured flower beds. The design is very Southwestern, with stone and stucco-like finishes.

Our apartment building

While the apartments are, obviously, apartments and therefore butt right up to each other, the layout leaves a very spacious impression. It's not hard to imagine you're in a townhouse, rather than an apartment. It is in no way, as the British put it, a pokey little flat!

Very open layout

Our unit is the last one on the ground floor, you can see it is the last pathway leading into our door on the right of the above photo, before the pathway curves around behind the building towards the parking area.

Our front entry

Here is our front door, and you can just make out Trix watching me through the window on the right. Due to a long list of rules and regulations, the cats are not allowed outside, so I give them a "breath of fresh air" every morning by opening the window for them. They get to smell all the smells and watch all the fun, but not go outside. Invisible in these photos is the mosquito mesh that screens each window. It is sufficient to keep them inside, but I do not trust it to withstand a concerted effort, so I never leave the windows open when I'm not home. I don't forget to close it either, thanks to a small post it note on the door!

Fascinated by Cat TV!

The cats find this an excellent solution, especially when a bird or lizard comes past. Then they become totally fascinated by Cat TV. It's really funny when they go into "hunting" mode. I've learned to only open the sash halfway, so that when they jump up to catch the bird/lizard/bug, they "catch" the window glass and not the mesh!

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