Wednesday, September 28, 2011

No Poo Loo

The problem with moving into a pre-owned house is dealing with other people’s dirt. Sometimes you’re lucky and the previous occupants were fastidious, other times the house has lain empty for a while and there’s a build up of “abandoned house” dirt. On occasion you’re downright unlucky and the place is a tip.

Whichever type of dirt you’ve inherited, a new home always needs a good clean.

We got lucky in this house and it was pretty clean. I had to clean out drawers, with the usual collection of dust and unidentifiable bits that generally gathers within, but there was no major ickiness.

Except in the loo.

Now, I have learned since we’ve been here that the loo poo tends to build up on the bottom of the bowl relatively quickly, so maybe it was just that the previous tenants were not as fussed about it, or maybe they didn’t have the secret I know.

Whatever the reason, the bottom of the bowl was thick, black, and disgusting.

I’ve heard that a gallon of coke cleans off the grime, but who wants to waste coke? Admittedly, it’s probably healthier to pour it into the toilet than down your throat, but I don’t remember claiming ANYWHERE on this blog that I was going to be healthy! Just clean and happy.

Besides, I’d heard another little trick involving dentures. J
As the bowl is porcelain, I purchased a cheap packet of Steradent denture cleaners and dropped two of the tablets into the bowl, left it to soak for half an hour, and gave a quick swoosh with the toilet brush before flushing all the gunk away.

Voila! Shiny clean no-poo loo. It looked like I’d had a new one installed.

Maintenance involves one tablet a week. Another soak, quick swoosh and flush.

Now that’s housework as I like it! 

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