Monday, September 26, 2011

100 Book Challenge... Ready... Go....

The idea of creating a 100 Book Challenge seemed like a really good one, at the time. However, I started thinking about it and realized I needed to establish some parameters.

For example: what constitutes a "book"? A magazine takes a while to read, if you read it through. Does non-fiction count? When does the "year" start?

A colleague is leaving on Saturday and I found out that Saturday is the 1st of October. Cool! That sorts out when the "year" starts. I'll post my first reviews on Monday 3rd, and I have until September 2012 to win my challenge.

Books are books, so I figure non-fiction counts as well as fiction. Some of them will take longer than the fiction books to read, so I reckon I should be allowed to count them, as reward for working through them all!

Magazines are not books, and at about 100 pages each to a book's average of 3-400, with at least a third of that comprising pictures and advertising, they just don't measure up.

So, watch for my first review on Monday, and the 100 Book Challenge is under way.



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