Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Removing Old Water-Based Paint From Clothes - the Rescue Me Edition for Klutzes!

The Klutz is me, for sure. If there's paint, mud, chicken poop... I'll find it. Usually on me when somebody says "what's that?" (or "what smells?") 

So, it was with a lot of dismay that I splashed paint on my favorite, really well-worn and due for a replacement, pair of denim capris. (Side note, I just learned that denim is from the original name of the fabric Serge de Nimes! Cool, huh?) Anyway, lots of spots later, I loved this capris so much, I wore them spots and all.. to Himself's horror! Which is another way of telling you that the paint is old, and has been through the wash and dryer multiple times. I thought it was here for life.

Then somebody told me about this wonder product!

Good old-fashioned isopropyl alcohol. Available at our local grocery store for a couple bucks.

Apply liberally to old paint spots

Rub in a scrubbing motion between your hands, like they did before washing machines were invented

 Repeat until all the spots are cleared, then wash as normal.

Voila! No paint spots! Okay, okay, I didn't iron them before I took the photos, but I was just so excited to show you! Truthfully, I don't iron them ever, but that' a topic for another day.

There are two teeny tiny marks left behind, but they're hard to see. And, let's be realistic here, they might not even be paint residue. Knowing me, they could be oil, or blood, or dog drool. Well... maybe not dog drool, they did just come out of the wash!

So, go out and rescue your paint covered clothes, fellow Klutzes! And let me know how it goes. 

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