Monday, October 23, 2017

Rustic Restful Deck

There is absolutely no doubt my husband is incredible. Here was our starting point...

That was the MLS photo by the listing agent. He very cleverly kept the electric pole out of all of the photos. The fact that it's bang in the middle of the view is a bit odd, and we'll have to have it moved eventually.

Here's a long view from the lower deck area where we were building the chicken coop.

Left view of the deck where I tried to make it more cheerful. As you can see, it just turned out sad.

Right view. Jock used to sit up there and watch Himself at work. (P.S. The electric pole is clearly visible in this photo!)

And here (drum roll please) is our deck now!

That is the most friendly area to sit and relax, wouldn't you say? Now, if I may, it's time to brag on the hubby's skills. We'll start with the herb garden, that I posted about in this post here. As you can see from the above photo, it has gotten lovely and lush. The furniture was an old lounge suite that was in the cabin before we demolished it. It has been in the barn for a year, until Himself sanded and cleaned it up, and I bought the outdoor cushions from Lowe's Home Improvement Store. The metal chair on the right was a dumpster find. There were two, but one of them has a bent leg and will just collapse under any weight except the cat.

Don't you just love that gorgeous coffee table? So rustic and impressive! Here's a close up.

Built by Himself out of old fence and pier wood collected from the debris of the hurricane at Corpus picked up while he was down there helping to clean up.

That same wood was used to construct the gate, log rack and log splitter base. 

The gate is very sturdy, with four sides as the base, and then the individual slats making that gentle rolling design. It closes with a catch on the right. 

The log rack is built with sides and a base. It's piled high with logs that Himself spent the last week splitting up from the big stack of old oak trees that were cut down last year. 

I'm working on a canvas cover that we can put over it to protect the logs from rain and wet. I was going to sew a designed, fitted cover, but Himself pointed out that it won't fit correctly when the rack is piled high, like it is now. So it's just a large tarp-like design, and we're going to put grommets in the corners so that it can be secured against wind. 

The log splitter is fitted to a log base. A log goes into the top of the splitter, and is hit down with a mallet, to make the logs into smaller pieces for kindling. 

This is the right side of the deck. The final build, a huge, heavy, sturdy work table. It's perfect for projects, photographs, or as a serving table when we have a barbecue. 

The plastic bin holds a bunch of homemade fire lighters. We'll probably come up with something slightly more attractive and decorative. Eventually. 

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