Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Dublin, Texas - another Dublin visited!

Waaaaay back, in the mists of time, when the Bratness was about the age of Squiggs, we visited Dublin, South Africa. As this was in the Dark Ages when we didn't have digital cameras or smart phones, my photos of that event are, well, awful! Blurry, dark, uninspiring. Unfortunately, it is such a tiny town, it only appears as a pin on Google Maps!

It's the merest scattering of buildings off the main road. Sneeze once just as you get there and you'll miss it! But we were there! 

Dublin as a city is named so often that it actually has a Google search auto-complete. The Irish certainly love their capital! Anyway, according to Wikipedia, there is one Dublin in Australia, one in Canada, one in Belarus, and thirteen towns in the States (there are also some communities and 'burbs, but I'm counting only towns or cities.) And, of course, because Texas has everything, we have one in Texas too!

It was on my way home from Fort Worth, so I did a quick online investigation to see if there was anything worth checking out. As it turns out, it happens to hold the world's oldest Dr. Pepper bottling plant, and it's still operational! 

Only, they no longer produce Dr Pepper due to a falling out over whether or not to continue to use real raw sugar or change to the cheaper corn syrup. Refusing to switch from quality to quantity, Dr Pepper took their corn syrup elsewhere and the Dublin Bottling Works was born. They produce a range of sodas with real sugar, and you can order your own taste sensation on their website. However, much to my disappointment, it was a Sunday morning and everything was closed, so I didn't even get to try a bottle! L

The bottling plant was visible through the window that you can see in the pic above, so I snapped a photo, but I don't know if this is an historical display or an actual running operation. 

The statue in the front of the building is Bill Kloster, aka "Mr. Dr Pepper" and it was he who refused to make the change to high fructose corn syrup. Smart man!

Now the town is really small

But very quaint. 

I couldn't resist these gorgeous picture book houses. 

One can easily imagine wee faerie folk in this storybook setting. 

Everything being so green here is only a bonus!

Thanks Dublin, I loved my visit. One day Himself and I shall take a drive up TX-16 and explore its oddities, and we shall end up in Dublin again. On a weekday. When we can grab us some soda!


  1. Sounds awesome...! Look forward to hearing if the soda is good. Don't think UK has anything like that here 🤔

  2. Sounds awesome 👍
    Look forward to hearing if the soda is good...!


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