Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Gabon, Africa

To my delight, I was a Christmas gift this year, arriving in Gabon to meet Himself on Christmas day. I was jet-lagged but thrilled to be with him. And I even had cute little Christmas hats to wear, thanks to the Bratness! :)

As Himself had to work, we only got to do stuff together on the weekend. "Stuff" ended up being trips to the Village Artisanal for shopping, or to the beach.

The city is very modern looking, and the roundabouts had these gorgeous constructions like this beautiful fountain

Or this imposing sculpture thingie. Our taxi driver was not able to slow down for me, so I couldn't get a really interesting snap of the globe.

There are actually two Village Artisanals; one Grand and one Petit. Here is the Petit tucked in next to this imposing edifice. Inside are a host of stalls offering an enormous array of art and craft work.

It seems that most of the weekend time is spent on the beach. The entire family goes out, in a variety of collections of people and outfits. Fully dressed...

Not so fully dressed..

In full-length gowns... (I was really sorry I didn't get a snap of the front of these gowns, the beading was gorgeous!)

And even with the family dog.

Sabiere beach is lined with little bars where you can stop for a drink, enjoy the balmy weather, or the view, and relax...

As you wait for the sun to slide gently into the ocean.

 And that was my very short trip to Gabon!

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  1. I love seeing the pictures of you guys together! It makes me so happy :) Glad you got to spend some time together and see a new country. I miss Africa! You both look great, Happy New Year!


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