Thursday, August 9, 2012

Friday Photo - RSPCA

Himself and I help out at the local humane society, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. We do menial labor, cleaning the cat litter boxes, the poop from the dog kennels, washing and refilling water bowls. However, it has bugged me for a while that the dogs sleep on bare concrete floors. We can't afford to buy enough beds in one go for all the kennels, so I trawled my friends and colleagues begging for donations, and we bought beds for 16 kennels altogether. The dogs love them! Here are just a few of the happy recipients:

Lucky me, getting a thank you lick!

This tail is wagging so fast, it's almost invisible!

This little girl snuggled right down and gave herself a wash 

This is Judy, she is a long-time resident, with the sweetest nature. We have no idea why nobody has adopted her yet. 

The beds are from Kuranda Beds; they supply beds to humane societies in the States, so we knew we were getting good quality. The RSPCA is thrilled and impressed, so they lived up to our expectations. Well done, Kuranda!

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