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Well, I'm STILL stuck on my February Challenge: Pants, and it's time to get my March Challenge on the board. Does anybody else see anything wrong with this picture? Gaaaaaaaaaaah!

Anyway, March is Miss Bossy Patterns. We have to choose three patterns from our pattern stash and post for folks to choose which one we are to make. Posting a photo of the suggested fabric is an optional extra. We can use tissue patterns, or books or magazines. I have an astounding selection of BurdaStyle magazines for somebody who can't sew, so it's about time I went for one of them. LOL.

In true Toni style, however, I've gone with a slight twist. Yeah!

Below, please find my pattern selections.

Option 1: The BurdaStyle Folded Yoke Blouse 10/2012
If you have a look at the web page here and scroll down to the bottom under "Completed Projects" you will see a couple of very nice examples in a printed version. The white version in the magazine is lovely, but I especially like Maska's version, and think Merche's is pretty too. I shall shorten the sleeves, it will be more useful to me that way. I'm also considering something different with the buttons, but haven't decided yet. 

Option 2: The BurdaStyle Wrapped Blouse 04/2013
The web page is here for your viewing pleasure. No changes in mind, this is just so pretty as it is.

Option 3: McCall's M6354
While I have the tissue copy of this pattern, for ease of reference of viewers, I found McCall's online page here for your perusal. Now on this one, I'd like to add sleeves, but I don't know if the style would support it. I'm hoping to wear this blouse to work, so sleeves is a must. Our office had the polar vortex LONG before it made it Stateside! 

As you can see, I'm all about tops this month. It's something I'm sorely lacking in my wardrobe, so I've decided to focus on creating a larger selection this year. 

Now, here's my twist. 

Instead of finding fabric to match each pattern, I'm planning to use one particular fabric for whichever pattern wins. Purchased from Nancy's Notions, but Nancy is uncooperative enough to not have it on her website any more, requiring me to do the entire photograph-download-cut-and-paste thing (are you reading this Nancy? Very unhelpful of you!) to get it up here for you, my dear voters. 

And here it is. Isn't it glorious?

(Nancy, you're forgiven - your fabrics are such fun, I can't stay mad at you at all!) Grin!

There is a lot of blue in my wardrobe and a fair amount of red. I have a couple of green items and a smidgeon of yellow. Lots for mix-and-match versatility. I originally thought I'd make this fabric into a dress, but I have a dozen dresses hanging unused in my closet, so I figured that would be a total waste. At least I will get to wear this several times over in a top or tunic.

So, what's it to be folks? What will I be wearing come end March?

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  1. Ooh nice choices!! :-) And can I just say - I am in love with the fabric you're going to use!!! I reckon you should do the folded-yoke blouse, and put contrast piping around the yoke, just for fun. :-)

    1. What a fun idea! Love it, thank you.

      I'm not sure I can do that during this challenge, as we don't get piping here, but I'll see what I can come up with. Making my own, perhaps? Nothing like adding to my own challenges, right? ;)


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